How to Easily Add Extra Fields to WordPress Registration Form

When it comes to WordPress Registration, it is a very basic form with just two fields; username and email, Often time as a website owner you may desire to capture more details of your users during registration and that is not possible by default as the WordPress registration only has two fields.

So today on Susu Tech, we are looking at how to capture more user details by building a custom registration form without writing any code. Imagine you want to build a registration form to capture the following fields, First Name, Last Name, Country, Place of Work, Permit number, etc. All the field will make your website standout.

Cimy User Extra Fields This great plugin gives a basic WordPress user the capacity to build a powerful registration form easily, its clean interface allows for quick navigation and linking of fields and you can add extra fields that are available in the WordPress user profile and specify which WordPress profile fields appear on the registration screen; this means that once you add a field using the plugin it will be linked so you don’t need any code to display the information entered in user profile front-end or back-end.

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