How to Easily Create a Contact Form for WordPress Website

Contact Page form makes submitting and tracking data easier

Having a Contact Page is key, we will be reviewing a very important WordPress contact plugin called: Everest Forms.  You will agree with us that having a page dedicated to contact is a very important part of your website so users can easily reach you for business,  no matter how big or small website you have or whatever type of website it is, you definitely need a page from where your website audience can contact you.

The purpose of contact can be anything; to provide you feedback on your work, reach you out for business deals, or suggestions in general, a well-designed contact page is a must.

The plugin Everest Forms is a modern WordPress contact form plugin with drag and drop interface that lets you build beautiful contact forms easily and quickly. It has a set of general fields along with advanced fields which you can easily drag and drop to create forms.

contact page everest-forms-drag-drop-form-building

The plugin lets you create unlimited WordPress forms and in multiple design layouts. The plugin offers two design layouts: 1. Default and 2. Classic layout to choose from.

contact page everest-forms-layout-design-options

Further, it allows you to create two-column WordPress contact forms as well as advanced forms with advanced fields like radio buttons, drop-downs, check-boxes, date, and more…

Take a look at the plugin today and explore it super features of the contact form plugin available to you for  FREE.

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